About Us

         Welcome to Her Golden Touch Lashes!

CEO and Founder Leanna, is a young entrepreneur born and raised in Philadelphia! She fell in love with the idea of making Her dream a reality. Has a love for lashes with all touches of unique styles.

Her Golden Touch Lashes are handcrafted from the highest quality mink lashes and offers a range of styles for every eye shape and size. Ever since I’ve gotten into makeup, I instantly became obsessed with lashes and fell in love with the different styles of them. When I’m in the mood to go for a natural look, I put on my classic styles. For a more fun/dramatic look I go for my 25mm’s styles. When people wear my brand I want them to feel beautifully flawless & have that I’m the boss babe mentality!

Why Her Golden Touch?
Because we encourage our Lash babes to be their best selves; Resilient, Authentic, Bold & Beautiful and in my opinion that's the Golden Touch!
We would appreciate any feedback and any suggestions you’d like for us to have on our site. Your love and support is our top priority guaranteed. Hashtag #HerGoldenTouchLashes & Tag us to be featured 
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